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Best Braided Hairstyles to Try at Home

By Sherry O'Clock | 5 Dec 19 | 

Best Braided Hairstyles to Try at Home

Here are some of the best-braided hairstyles out there – perfect for channeling your inner bohemian goddess ready for the (allegedly) imminent sunny season.

Twisted Crown Braid

Via Twist Me Pretty.


A great do for longer, sun-kissed styles, this one’s definitely one for the beach.

Braided Bun

Via Real Simple.

Braided hairstyle updo

Double braiding action here, with thinner plaits creating a focal point to frame the face, before they’re pulled back and incorporated into a bun formed from a thicker braid.

Celtic Knot

Via Twist Me Pretty.

Braided Hairstyle - Celtic Knot

The technique here may not prove particularly easy, but after looping your way into a Celtic knot, the hairstyle boasts a beautifully simple, understated wow factor.

Fishtail Braid with Yarn

Via A Beautiful Mess.

Braided hairstyle - fishtail

The popular fishtail style is certainly doing the rounds at the moment – and no wonder, given how stunning it is when done well. Try brushing gently with a toothbrush for more of a casual variation, or better yet, why not wave yarn into it for a colourful, creative take?

Braided Updo

 Via Keiko Lynn.

Braided Upstyle

This braided updo takes the classic beehive and gives it an ethereal finish with a braid wrapped around the crown. It works best with those who have a bouncy, full fringe to complete the ultimate 60s bohemian look.

Fishtail Braided Headband

 Via Chapter Friday.


A slightly fiddly hairstyle, but you’ll be rewarded threefold when the compliments roll in.

Waterfall Braid

Via Missy Sue.

Waterfall Braided Hairstyle

This is a great braid style for thinner hair, as it embraces the malleable, slinky properties than finer hair all too often falls prey to.


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Sherry O'Clock
BY: Jess Hardiman