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Interest Based Ads Advertising Cookies

These cookies are set by Groupon and our advertising partners to allow us to understand your activity, such as the pages visited, and the links clicked. We use this information to make inferences about the things you like, so that we can show you ads relevant and useful to you.

Performance and Analytics Functional Cookies

We use these cookies to gather information about how visitors use the Site, monitor Site performance, and recognise and remember preferences. Functional cookies can also be used to identify and remedy operational problems with the Site.

Site Navigation Essential Cookies

These cookies are required to enable core functionality of the site, e.g. to keep you logged in as you navigate the site and to process purchases.


At Groupon we are deeply committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers. As part of that commitment, we believe that it is important to explain to you, as clearly as possible, how and when we use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and mobile applications (together, we call these the "Site") to collect and use your information.


Cookies are unique identifiers, usually made up of small bits of text or code that are placed on your device. Cookies are widely used by website owners and their partners to help websites operate, work more efficiently, and personalize the experience for you.

Cookies may be placed on your device by Groupon, which are "first party" cookies. Cookies may also be placed on your device by a party other than Groupon, such as our Business Partners. These are "third party" cookies.

When we say "Business Partners", we mean third parties with whom we conduct business, such as merchants, co-marketers, distributors, resellers, and other companies or organizations with whom we enter into agreements to support our business and operations, including advertising partners.


The first and third party cookies on our Site provide various functions:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are essential for our Site to work properly. They include, for example, cookies that make it possible for you to browse and use our Site, such as cookies that remember you have logged in to your Groupon account.

Functional Cookies: These cookies gather information about how visitors use the Site, monitor the Site's performance, and are used to recognize and remember your preferences. If you agree to receive emails from us, we also use them to track responses to emails we send you, and to track whether you opened or deleted an email. Functional cookies can also be used to identify and remedy operational problems with the Site.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies record your online activities, including your activities on our Site, such as the pages visited, and the links and advertisements clicked. These cookies are used to provide an engaging and easy online experience that is tailored to your interests by delivering personalised advertising content. For example, if you view a particular offer on our Site, we may work with our Business Partners to show you that offer, or a similar offer, on other sites.

The advertising cookies we use on our Site are placed by either Groupon or our Business Partners. Any information collected by our Business Partners will be used in accordance with their own privacy policies. To learn more about advertising cookies, please visit

We also use cookies that allow you to make posts to social media sites. For example, you can post deals you have viewed or purchased directly to social media sites to share with your friends.


Cookies are either classified as "Session Cookies" or "Persistent Cookies."

Session Cookies are stored temporarily and deleted once you close the browser window.

Persistent Cookies are stored on your device between browser sessions, and are beneficial because they allow us to remember your preferences and activities while on the Site. The length of time these cookies remain on your device will vary, as it depends on the specific cookie used.


You may also disable certain cookies through your browser settings. In particular, you can disable these cookies on Apple Safari (as described here), Google Chrome (as described here), Internet Explorer (as described here) and Mozilla Firefox (as described here). Please check your browser settings for more information. Within each browser, you can select the option to clear all cookies and other browsing data.

If you use the Site after you have cleared all cookies from your browser settings, cookies may be placed on your device again. To avoid having these cookies placed on your device again, you can opt-out as described above or by installing an application on your browser, such as Ghostery or PrivacyBadger, to ensure certain cookies are not placed on your device.

For advertising cookies, in addition to the tool provided above, you can also visit and turn off certain cookies through the 'Your Ad Choices' page.

On mobile devices, you can also limit personalised advertising by reviewing and adjusting the setting provided by your device manufacturer, such as "Limit Ad Tracking" for Apple's iOS devices or "Opt-out of interest-based ads" for Android. You can opt out of all personalised advertising or reset your advertising ID, so you only see personalised advertising related to what you look at from the point you reset it.


For more information on our approach to privacy, please visit our Privacy Statement.


If after reading this Cookies Policy you have any questions please contact Groupon's customer support.