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A Quick Guide to Dublin Bikes

BY: Edwina Elizabeth |9 Nov 2015

Although quite a compact city as we know with most attractions within walking distance from each other, sometimes these attractions are a little further than we anticipated and other times we just want to be 'there' pronto so for times like these the healthiest and possibly quickest solution is to hop on a dublinbike and go for a ride.

Launched back in September 2009 dublinbikes has grown from strength to strength and is continuously expanding its fleet and stations. As of June 2014, Coca-Cola Zero became their official commercial sponsor so you will see their logo on each bike at every bike station. According to the website 'almost 9.5 million journeys around Dublin' have been taken since the scheme was launched with 95% of these journeys made for free, seems apt that they are called Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes then.

But hold on a minute, free I hear you ask but how could that be? Well here is a quick guide to the dublinbike system.

How Much and Where to Sign Up

An Annual Card for dublinbikes is just €20. A 3 Day Ticket costs €5. The first 30 minutes of use on your bike is free and with most journeys taking approximately 20 minutes you have a very great chance of getting your ride for free. 

All stations allow for Annual Card and 3 Day Ticket users with most terminals allowing you to purchase a 3 Day Ticket.

Annual Cards can be purchased by subscription online using your credit card or taken from your bank account by means of a direct debit. You will need to authorise dublinbikes for a €150 guarantee but this amount is only debited from your account if your bike is not returned within 24 hours.

If you use your bike for over 30 minutes you will be charged, depending on the time you have used anything between fifty cents and €6.50 plus.

The Bikes

You can access a how to option on the terminals at each station, which will guide you on how to rent and return your bike if you are unsure, but to give you an overview - When you are ready to rent a bike, enter your card, select a bike and press the unlock button. When you are returning your bike just lock the bike into a stand and everything is calculated automatically. If you'd like to know in advance if there are bikes available at a certain station you can download the AllBikesNow app which will tell you where there are bikes free. If you get to a station with your bike and it's full, then go to the terminal and check where the nearest available terminal is, dublinbikes will give you 15 minutes to get there free of charge.


Although helmets are not a legal requirement, it is only a matter of time before they will be. Using your common sense when cycling and being observant are the biggest keys to a successful journey. Check your bike before you set off, this includes the saddle height, tires and lights. In the winter or at night wear a reflective arm band or gillet. Keep to the bicycle lanes and do not cycle on paths. For a full breakdown of Cycling Safety visit the website

Enjoy the Ride!


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