Dublin’s Best Bakeries

BY: Ketty Elisabeth |24 Nov 2015

When in search of good bread or scrumptious cakes, look no further that our pick of Dublin’s best bakeries (in no particular order).

Bretzel Bakery

Can you believe that Bretzel Bakery has been established in Dublin since 1870? Bretzel is a Jewish bakery on Lennox Street in Portobello which is open seven days week. They have a vast array of breads from white (bagels, buns, ciabatta…) to brown (soda, granary bread…) as well as sourdough breads. You can also get sweet treats in the Bretzel bakery such as tarts, muffins brownies and more for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Bretzel Bakery, 1a Lennox Street, Portobello, Dublin 8

The Bakery at Fallon and Byrne

Well technically Fallon and Byrne is more a food emporium than a bakery but they have an onsite bakery with a team of pastry chefs and bakers who make gorgeous breads and pastries every day. You can’t miss the beautiful display with all kinds of bread on the left-hand side, the moment you enter Fallon and Byrne. They have so many to choose from: baguettes, focaccia, brioche, sourdough breads, seaweed bread… As well as traditional French baked goods such as croissants, pains au chocolat, not to forget the pretty cakes. It’s carb heaven!

Fallon and Byrne, 11-17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Arun Bakery

Unfortunately Arun Bakery does not have a retail shop but you can find their breads in many different locations across Dublin. Czech master baker Vlad Rannis and his team are based in North King Street, Dublin 7 but if you want to buy their stuff head over to the fantastic Honest 2 Goodness market every Saturday in Glasnevin. Arun Bakery specialises in sourdough breads and if you want one you need to be quick and arrive early at the market. You can also find their breads in Fresh in Smithfield and Grand Canal Square if you’re based in the city.

Arun Bakery, Honest 2 Goodness Market and other locationsCamerino

There aren’t many cafes in Dublin that make their own bread for their sandwiches but Camerino is an exception. The lovely Caryna sells mostly cakes in Camerino but she also bakes the most delicious Challah bread rolls onsite. Challah is a traditional Jewish bread, it’s a little sweet like brioche and Caryna makes a particularly good one that she uses for her sandwiches. A must-try! If you ever feel like learning how to make bread, Caryna also holds small classes from time to time.

Camerino, 158 Capel Street, Dublin



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