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Dublin’s Top Cheeseboards - By French Foodie in Dublin

BY: Ketty Elisabeth |10 Dec 2015

When cheese is all you want, check out our pick of the top cheeseboards in Dublin to satisfy your next cheesy craving.

Chez Max 

The French are known for their love of cheese so it makes sense that one of the most French restaurants in Dublin serves a decent cheeseboard. You have the choice between two spots, one located next to Dublin castle and the other on Baggot Street; both are equally charming. The cheese platter is available in two sizes, small (€12.50) or large (€21.50) and features all French cheeses. Sitting at the terrace with a glass of vin rouge, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to France! 

Chez Max, 1 Palace St, Dublin 2

La Dolce Vita 

La Dolce Vita is a small Italian wine bar and restaurant on Cow’s Lane in Temple Bar. The place is often filled with Italian people, which is always a good sign. The place is simple, casual and always has a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Their cold cut platters come in different sizes and include a great selection of Italian cheese and salami served with some of the best bread to be found in Dublin.

 La Dolce Vita, (no website), Cow’s Lane, Dublin 2

Fallon and Byrne

 The Wine cellar in the basement of food mecca Fallon and Byrne is a lovely place to go for some nibbles to be shared between friends. Their cheese board is a selection from their cheese counter upstairs, priced at €11.95. It comes with quince paste, grapes and crusty baguette. You also have a wide range of wines to choose from to go with your cheeseboards. 


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Fallon and Byrne, 11-17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2


Cavern is a wine bar located in the basement of Baggot Street Wines. The cheese board costs €14 and includes farmhouse cheeses supplied by Sheridans cheesemongers and also includes membrillo, chutney, crackers and fruit soda bread. If you want to add something meaty, there is a mixed meat and cheese platter for €20.


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 Cavern,  17 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Enotecca della Langhe

 Another restaurant that’s popular with Italian expats is Enotecca Delle Langhe. It is a nice mix between a wine bar and a restaurant and when the weather is nice it’s always lovely to sit outside. Their selection of Italian cheeses comes in two sizes at €9 for a small one and €16 for a large one to be shared between a few people. The platters have six different cheeses and come with chestnut honey, bread and salad. 

Enotecca della Langhe, Italian quarter, Bloom’s Lane, Dublin 1


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