Hair Tutorial: Beach Waves in 5 Easy Steps

BY: Amy Dillon |
Hair Tutorial: Beach Waves in 5 Easy Steps

Having long hair can get a tad boring. It's all too easy to bung it up in a ponytail but I have found a style that requires minimal energy to create. The best part is that it also requires minimal maintenance. 

My hair doesn't hold a curl well so beach waves are the way forward for me. They also look a little more contemporary than my curling tongs ringlets circa 1990. I find with the right products, loose waves hold quite well and I never need to style again between washes. 

I have tried a mountain of hair tools but none of them work as well for me as the Babyliss Conical Wand. I wait until the day after I wash my hair to style it. It holds far longer and it's much easier to work with. Sexy beach waves are a doodle, no skill required. Seriously. So here's a simple hair tutorial for how to do beach waves in five easy steps.

Step 1: Section your hair

Start by sectioning your hair from your ear, no need to be neat and tidy. I use a hair jaws instead of a hair tie, it causes less breakage and doesn't leave the dreaded tie marks. 

beach waves hair tutorial section your hair

Step 2: Spritz

Take a piece of hair, the smaller the section of hair the tighter the wave, and run your brush through it before spritzing a little hairspray (if you have some natural wave you can bypass this step - my hair won't hold the wave without it).

beach waves hair tutorial step 2

Step 3: Curl

Wrap the section around the conical wand, I usually hold it for eight seconds but this varies from person to person. Don't bring it right to the root unless you’re going for a Sideshow Bob look. Repeat all the way around. Don't be too fussy about this layer since you won't see it. Waves are messy so theres no need for precision and perfection.

Beauty & SpasBeauty & Spas

Step 4: Repeat

Section your hair a second time and repeat on this layer of hair. At this stage I like to spritz another dose of hairspray. Then let down the final section of hair. If you have short layers on top you could leave it as is it but if it's long it's best to curl it. For the pieces near my face I only curl from my ear down.

hair tutorial for beach waves

Step 5: Apply product

Your curls will look a little too perfect at this stage so I like to drag my fingers through my hair with some Redken Diamond Oil to break them up and make the curl more of a wave. If you have flat hair you can add a root volumiser. I use L'Oreal TXT Backcomb in a Bottle.

Beauty & Spas

The following day I like to revive the style using a sea salt texturising spray. 

The Babyliss Conical Wand is €25, whilst L'Oreal Paris TXT Volume Supersizing Spray is €4.99, both are available from Boots, Jervis Shopping Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1. Redken Diamond Oil is available from Style Club, 12 South William Street, Dublin 2.

If you’re looking for a style for an event and don't want to risk doing it yourself why not pop into Style Club and get it sorted by a professional. The service is fantastic, the stylists skilled and the decor, is well off the wall! 

beach waves

Enjoy your beach waves, now all we need is a holiday!

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