How to Do Yoga at Home

BY: Laura Pearson Smith |2 Apr 2020

 If you are new to yoga, there is no better place to get started than in your own home. Yoga at home is more or less cost-free. There’s no gym or class subscriptions to pay, and no hassle of having to venture outside on cold days. It is so easy to practice yoga for beginners in your own living room, so you have no excuse not to get started today.

There are so many physical and mental health benefits to yoga. It helps to improve your body’s flexibility, strength and posture. It is also an excellent way to relax and focus your mind as you need to concentrate so much on perfecting each position. Also, due to the attention you place on your breathing during yoga, it is also very effective in reducing your blood pressure and heart rate.

Yoga on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing free resource for yoga videos. Instructors will take you through full routines that you can follow along with at the same time. There are videos of varying lengths, so you will always have time to fit even a 15 minute session into your day. A great channel to follow for yoga for beginners instruction is Yoga With Adriene. She uploads a new yoga lesson every few days from her own home, and also has a ‘30 Days of Yoga’ series that you can do every day for a whole month. She is a great person to watch when you are just getting started.You don’t need any special clothes or equipment to get started with yoga. A yoga mat would be handy, and you can get these very cheaply in places such as Home Bargains; but if you don’t want to invest any money in your new hobby, a bath towel laid out on the floor will do just fine. Similarly, you can buy flexible-soled yoga shoes if you want to do it outside in the garden; but your bare feet are perfect too. In terms of clothing, all you need is something comfortable and loose-fitting. I love doing yoga in just a pair of leggings and a vest top. Remember that this is just taking place in your own home, so there’s no need for a fashion parade.

Yoga Playlists

If you would like some music for during your yoga sessions, or for your relaxation period afterwards, you can also get this free from Spotify. All you need to do is search for ‘yoga’ or ‘relaxation’ and then add the tracks you like to your own unique playlist.

There is nothing difficult about starting yoga. It is a great form of exercise for people of all fitness levels, and your competency at it will improve greatly over time.


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