Interview with Zenergy - Health and Beauty Clinic Dublin

BY: Edwina Elizabeth |15 Jun 2015
Interview with Zenergy - Health and Beauty Clinic Dublin

Zenergy is a Health and Beauty Clinic nestled on the energetic Fade Street which itself is part Dublin’s Creative Quarter. It’s the perfect location for this clinic which pays particular attention to health and holistic treatments because in order to be creative one must be in touch with their body and mind.

With a personal recommendation for what Zenery offers as a clinic and their wondersful customer service, I caught up with Tára Ní Bardain, Zenergy’s Holistic Healings Master for a few questions and answers that both give an insight into Zenergy and give advise on well-being.

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Was it always Zenergy's focus to bring to Dublin a Clinic focusing on well-being and health?

Zenergy is both a Health and a Beauty Clinic, initially more focus would have been on the health and holistic treatments. The owner of Zenergy, Tony, had travelled a bit and experienced different cultures in massage. He had come back to Ireland and decided to set up his own clinic where massage was more affordable, less of a luxury and more of a necessity to maintain wellbeing. In the recuperation side we do sports, physio, hot stone, Thai and deep tissue massage and in the relaxation side we do aromatherapy, Swedish massage and reiki. The whole idea was to make it affordable so people could look after themselves on a more regular basis.

From your experience, what are the most highlighted health issues facing your customers?

The most highlighted issue facing my clients is stress. We all know that 70% of illnesses are stress related. I see a lot of clients for muscular tension/fatigue, and this really shows how stress can manifest in the physical body, be it originating from a mental or emotion level. Subconsciously we tense parts of the body i.e. shoulders and back, and over time muscles become tight, knotted and painful. I feel a lot of conditions can be subdued by people becoming aware of how their body is reacting to their thoughts and learning how to quieten the mind so the body can stay in a state of more relaxation.


What difficulties have you been faced with when introducing people to holistic treatments and what are the benefits of these treatments?

As a Reiki master and recently qualified acupuncturist, there can be a little difficultly introducing clients to the energetic nature of these treatments. There is an energy that flows through every living thing and there are many names for this energy, be it Qi, Reiki, Light, Prana, it’s all the same in my opinion. In acupuncture when this flow of energy is blocked or depleted, disease can occur. Acupuncture is used to correct these imbalances to maintain health. In Reiki the practitioner connects with this energy source though meditation and uses it to unblock and heal. I find once a client tries these treatments with an open mind for the first time their opinion usually changes.

From my experience as a customer, setting the perfect relaxing ambience and customer service is very important to you. What other ways do you set yourself apart from other clinics?

The ways that set Zenergy aside from other clinics is our diverse therapists and members of staff. Each therapist has a passion for what they do and this has really allowed them to thrive in their areas of expertise. A lot of the therapist have also travelled and studied different therapies in their country of origin i.e. Thailand, Tibet and have gained rich knowledge and experience. There is also a great team aspect among the staff, where we all help and learn from each other, and I feel this really creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere at the clinic.

If you had to give one piece of advice on well-being what would it be?

My advice for wellbeing would be to understand that prevention is key. A lot of the time, especially in the west, people tend not to seek help until they are already run down or ill. The holistic treatments we do at Zenergy maintain health in the body, mind and spirit, by correcting any imbalances and stimulating the body’s own healing ability. I always say, 'everything in moderation' because you have to live too, but in between just eat a healthy diet, meditate, stretch and think positively!

Zenergy Health & Beauty Clinic, 13 Fade Street, Dublin 2

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