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The Do’s and Don'ts of Skin Care

BY: Edwina Elizabeth |3 Dec 2015

For those of us that wear makeup - We've all had that moment when you've returned from a night out and plonked yourself into bed without taking off your war paint. Waking early morning with the taste of that kebab still lingering, black mascara stained pillowcase and a face 'The Joker' would be proud of. It's wrong and you know it, your makeup should always be removed. Your face should always be cleansed, forget the toner and moisturiser if you haven't the energy but remove that makeup! Don't, and your skin will let you know it.

On that note of warning here are some dos and don'ts about skin care we should all heed...

Do drink water - your body needs to keep hydrated and your skin covers your body so a dehydrated body can mean dehydrated skin. Drinking water also helps flush out toxins so not only will your body feel healthier but your skin will radiate with health too.

Don't drink too many caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee aid in dehydrating the body and so it will also dehydrate your skin. Alcohol can do the same but it can also cause bloating and redness. Not a nice look.

Do Eat Healthily - what you put in is what you'll get out. Simple. If you are getting all those essential vitamins and minerals from eating fresh fruit, vegetables and homemade meals, your skin is going to look healthy because it will be healthy.

Don't eat too many sugary and greasy foods. Also be aware that lots of 'diet' drinks and foods are full of hidden sugars so go as fresh and natural as you can. On that note if juicing always drink lots of water because an overload of natural sugars can wreak havoc on your liver and kidneys.

Do Sleep - not getting enough sleep wrecks your brain and your body with your skin showing the results. Bags or dark circles under your eyes and grey looking skin are just some of the ways you will suffer if you're not getting the recommended 7-8 hours a night. Broken sleep can sometimes be just as bad as no sleep so aim for uninterrupted sleep patterns. I know, easier said than done for most but aim for it.

Exfoliate - exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead skin cells and helps to keep your pores clear from those pesky black heads. Use a body scrub on your body and a good exfoliator for your face and neck. There are many types available ranging in price and ingredients, aimed at dry, oily or normal skin types. 

Don't exfoliate too much. In most cases every few days or even once a week is enough to exfoliate. You don't want to damage your skin and its natural oils. It is also worth noting that some exfoliators and scrubs can be too harsh for frequent use. Choose gentle exfoliants and scrubs and be gentle on your skin.

Cleanse - cleanse in the morning and in the evening. Whether it's from the pollutants and dirt in the air or from your makeup, it is important to keep your skin clean and those pores unclogged.

Don't cleanse too much. During summer months it's easy to want to live in the shower but cleansing your skin too much can actually damage it. If you need to cleanse more than usual, end your washing routine with a very cold splash of water to close your pores.

Tone - toning is a personal preference, some do and some don't. Personally, it's a habit I formed years ago. After cleansing, I tone. It removes the last traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft, refreshed and prepped for moisturising.

Moisturise - do it after your morning shower, or in the evening before you go to bed. Do it during the day if you so wish but do keep your skin moisturised. There are moisturisers to suit every skin type available, but I'd recommend keeping it as light as you can. Some promise younger looking skin, others promise the hydration you've been looking for. What's most important is that you keep hydrated from the inside with lots of water drinking and keep your skin feeling soft and subtle on the outside with your favourite day and night moisturising cream.

Factor up - and I don't mean maths or that T.V. show, I mean, wear sun factor. Protection from UVA and UVB rays is important. Luckily there is SPF in most makeups and moisturisers, which makes it handy. If the brands you use don't include this kind of protection against the biggest cause of skin cancers and ageing then consider changing brands.

Do treat yourself. Get that facial. Invest in that cream you were impressed with. Wrinkles come and never really go but laughter lines are a sign you've lived a happy life so don't worry about them. Pamper your skin but don't over do it because that can be bad - everything in moderation.

Do love your skin. Take care of it and know it. Be mindful of changes and if you spot changes that you suspect could be suspect then go to your GP and get professional advice.


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