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Our 2019 Xmas Gift Guide for Travel Lovers


Socks… or a spa break? Books... or Berlin for the weekend? Gingerbread house...or a glamping adventure? We could go on like this forever! Xmas is at our doorsteps - but there is no reason for panic-buys at crowded shopping malls. Let’s be honest: all those material gifts fill your house - but adventures & trips fill your soul! The possibilities are endless from spacations to city breaks and outdoor adventures. Let’s make this Xmas gifting season special - with gifts that perfectly match the unique personality of your beloved ones.

That’s where our Getaways Xmas Gift Guide comes in: we’ve collected some ideas for you on the perfect travel gifts - from traditional (you are never wrong with a spa break) to adventurous (hello GLAMPING) gifts - to make sure your will be the gifting star this Xmas season!


For all of us 2019 was a crazy year: busy, ups and downs, work, family, side projects… For a truly indulgent gift idea, why not take a look at our spa breaks? No matter if your recipient likes city breaks or is likely to prefer a trip into nature - there are fantastic spa packages in all types of locations starting from 79 €.

Presentation idea: gift voucher tucked into a new bathrobe with some lotions and cosmetic products.


There is always another vibrant city that awaits to be explored. I guess there are even a lot of stunning UK cities that are still on many explorer’s bucket lists! Good news: your city trip gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune - you can find many breaks available for under £ 99! And if your budget is a bit higher, you can also give the full ‘hassle-free’ package with a citytrip including transport.

Presentation idea: pack a little box with hints to where your trip will go to & make it a quiz that will lead step by step to the concrete destination (e.g. if it’s a trip to Italy, add a pack of home made pasta, if it’s a trip to Rome ad a penny as a hint to the Trevi Fountain).


When is comes to luxury gifts and high value items (a hand made gift can of course also be of high value - but you know what we are talking about….), nowadays bucket-list experiences also rank higher than material goods. With a premium getaway you can combine quality time with your beloved one with an unforgettable luxury experience or just give a unique trip to someone special. From extraordinary hotels with outstanding or even awarded design, to fully pampering spa packages and culinary experiences with high class menus: selecting from our Premium Collection already brings you on the safe side of gifting, because ‘I don’t want to go on a luxury holiday’ nobody ever said.

Presentation idea: Buy a bottle of sparkling wine and add some golden glitter into the envelope with the voucher to already clink glasses on your luxury trip ahead and bring some glamour under your Xmas tree.


When it comes to snow & winter in general, I feel like there are two types of persons: the ones who LOVE the cold season and the ones who start counting the days to summer already in November… Thus, to not fail with your gift, you should only consider this option for the first type! Secure a winter wonderland adventure - no matter if you go for a stylish and more luxury hotel or for a more rustic version - the true winter lover will appreciate this getaway anyway! Make sure you add your personal touch to the gift: include a voucher for a long snowshoe walk with hot chocolate & marshmallows or a romantic ice skating experience. As you see it’s more about being creative instead of spending a lot of money.

Presentation idea: add the voucher to a “winter trip first aid kid” with a new scarf, warm socks, a hand written voucher for a hot drink etc.

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Culinary Getaways

There has been a trend over the past couple of years that I feel has divided the world into two types of people: those who eat to live and those who live to eat. For the latter, high class restaurants, extraordinary bars and kitchens are worth a trip! If you are now looking for a gift for a real food lover who already has all the crazy kitchen & bar equipment - don’t look any further than our collection of culinary trips.

Presentation idea: there are a lot of cook books available for certain regions in your country or abroad - make a perfect match with the destination you will go to or with the style of cuisine that awaits you on your culinary trip.

Romantic Getaways

Xmas is the perfect time of the year to celebrate LOVE - and we think the best way to do this is to pack a bag & get away from it all with one of our romantic breaks for two. The good news: with Groupon it’s easier than you think to escape the daily hustle and bustle with your favorite person and to just spend quality time together. Short on a budget? No worries, it’s not about the price, it's the thought that counts. Spending time together and exploring new places as a couple is priceless. You know your better half best - so you decide what his or her preferences on a trip are: does it need to be a 5* hotel or does your partner prefer to have a spa treatment or a fancy dinner? One thing is for sure: all those deals already have some LOVE in the air that will help to create a romantic memory tol last much longer than the actual trip!

Presentation idea: ‘Romance’ is very individual for everyone - thus, add something very personal to the trip that is unique about your relationship. You love watching old movies together? Do some research for an old-school cinema in the area you are visiting and add it to your romantic package.

Family Getaways

I guess we all agree: there is no better gift than time together with your loved ones. And it gets even better if this time is spent on a vacation! Another good thing about this: you don’t have to think about a couple of different gifts for all your family members - you can tick off the whole list with just one gift! How about a trip to one of the most magic places on earth especially in a kid’s world - Disneyland Paris - or create memories that will last forever with extraordinary glamping vacations. There are so many options: from theme parks to activity breaks and cozy holiday homes for groups - the possibilities are endless and we guarantee a big smile on your family’s face with those gift ideas.

Presentation idea: voucher tucked into a huge box full of balloons & confetti for the whole family to search for the actual gift - this will already be a hint to HOW much fun awaits the family on the trip.

Trips for Nature Lovers

We all have them among our friends and family: the wildlife & nature enthusiasts! And the best ‘thing’ you can give to them is time spent outdoors - ideally getting to know yourself a bit more about their passion even though you might not be the typical outdoor freak! You are looking for a present for the mountain lover - check out travel deals into the mountains. You have a big ocean fan among your friends - there are great deals available for long or short holidays at the coast. You know a nature enthusiast who loves wildlife watching and diverse countrysides - click through to our hotel packages located in UK national parks! You see: there is a lot to choose from and deals start from £ 49 per night only! You feel like there should also be a reward for a day on the trails - check out our more fancy offers including spa access!

Presentation idea: pack the voucher with a reusable water bottle or add a self made voucher for a picnic in nature provided by you!

Gift of a trip

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