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Olivia1 month ago

Just too much fun! Such a good deal and fun evening with the girls

Ayan1 month ago

Had amazing time with my girl even doe they cut the show sort wasn’t happy with that

Anika1 month ago

The atmosphere was great and good show . Overall great experience.

Candice2 months ago

Amazing performers. Doors opened at 7pm. There was a bit of disorganization on the MC's part- they kept telling the DJ to turn down the music, or would tell us to stand up and then suddenly sit back down. I wish at the end there would be a group choreo performance!

Audrey2 months ago

So much fun and really good show.

Audrey2 months ago

It was so much fun and the men were delicious. Would definitely go again. For a girls night or hen night or even a birthday - high recommended.

Hannah1 year ago

Had a fun night but the actual venue address was incorrect on the Groupon website. Once there very entertaining. What would have made it a perfect night was if they displayed the acts on the overhead screen as you could not see the floor show due to people leaving their seats and standing in the way. But all Chocolate Men were very entertaining and made for a great night out.

ella1 year ago

Went all the way to spearmint Rhino in August and Show was cancelled, no one there and I got no email or call. Then we rebooked it for Dec 11hth and the location had changed to vauxhall and again we was not notified by Groupon but found out through someone else who brought tickets through another site. We went to vauxhall and….show was cancelled again and AGAIN no one contacted us! No chocolate man is worth that effort and inconvenience! Do not bother wasting your money!!