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Christmas gifts for your Mother-in-law

Imagine the scene: you’ve only been going out with your partner for a few months, you’ve been invited over for Christmas dinner, and you have no idea what to get. Boyfriends and husbands need not worry though, as Groupon can solve one of the biggest Christmas dilemmas with just one word: ‘cocktails’.

If your partner’s Mam loves a good chat and a gossip, take her out for a few cocktails in a trendy bar in town. She’ll love the fact you’ve given her a memorable present that’s a million times more fun than some scented moisturiser or perfume.

Christmas gifts for your Dad

Don’t even think that a new pair of socks and a book will cut the mustard this year! Dads often get a raw deal at this time of year, as they always say they don’t want to be fussed over. This Christmas, why not do things a little differently and spoil your dad with a day out?

It doesn’t have to be something out of this world, and it helps to keep things as simple as possible. When was the last time you and your old Da just had a day out together? A really nice idea is to give him a ‘special voucher’ for a day out, where you can do a bit of shopping (maybe get him some new threads), a spot of lunch, and a pint or two after.

Christmas gifts for your office Secret Santa

A work task that causes more stress than anything else is the cryptic challenge of figuring out what to get as your Secret Santa gift. You might not have spent that much time around your colleague to figure out what they really like, and they maybe don’t have anything on their desk that gives a little insight into their personality.

You need to play it safe and not revert to buying a ‘joke’ present this year. A failsafe option, which will suddenly see you give the best present in the office, is a restaurant voucher for somewhere nice that you can only get at Groupon.

Think about it! You can find a restaurant near work that you know is good, get them a cracking meal for two, and know they’ll enjoy it a million times more than a new mug for their desk.

And if you’re still stuck for what Christmas gifts to get your nearest and dearest, have a look around this page for some real Christmas cracker deals you’ll only get with Groupon.