The dream of a lot of people is to fly in a helicopter, but this is normally very expensive. Luckily, Groupon are offering vouchers to reduce the cost of helicopter rides in Galway, so why don't you treat the special person in your life? These vouchers make the experience of a lifetime affordable for everyone, but they won't be around forever, so visit Galway for helicopter rides today! If this sounds a little too adrenaline-fuelled for your tastes, why not tell a friend about these excellent value vouchers and partake of one of a number of other leisure offers available across Ireland instead? Bear in mind, having helicopter rides in Galway could be the most thrilling thing you and your friends ever do!

Why don't you and your friends try helicopter rides in Galway?

Imagine flying through the countryside, looking down on fields and rivers bathed in light from the afternoon sun... Does this sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be, as Groupon are now offering vouchers for helicopter rides in Galway. Visiting Galway for helicopter rides might sound like the remit of people with bank accounts in the six figure region, but these vouchers really do make the experience affordable for everyone. So take your friends or family for helicopter rides in Galway, or if you prefer your feet to remain planted firmly on the floor, use the vouchers available for other leisure offers across Ireland.

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