10 Fun Online Classes for Every Type of Learner

Everyone knows school is cool, but too few realize how much cooler it can be when you don't have to climb out of your pajamas to go to class. That's just one of the many benefits of online classes, which come in a range of topics that can help you to explore a passion or advance a career. Below are a few of our favorites. So get dressed (or don’t!) and find something fun to learn.



Who knew you could become an ace make-up artist at home? Or learn how to make herbal compresses and decoctions? Whether you’re looking to expand your skill set ahead of new career opportunities or just want to make your friends jealous, an array of programmes is available.

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Beauty buffs can up their game with training that can cover everything from eyelash extensions to make-up to massage. Aside from offering step-by-step tuition, these courses can also talk about what to do if you want to go pro.

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Got a knack for decorating? Make the most of it and reinvigorate your space with an interior design course. Packed with great inspiration, these courses dive into use of lighting and colour, as well as planning considerations.

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You probably knew you could take Spanish or French classes, but did you know you can take online sign language classes just as easily? Aside from finally being able to talk with your mouth full, the skill can open doors for you and help you build relationships with the deaf community, and maybe even make a few new friends!

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Are you looking to improve your household budget? Saving money is something a lot of people struggle to do, but if your problem stems from a lack of budgeting, rather than a lack of funds, consider taking a dedicated course. Starting with general tips and advice for setting a budget and sticking to it, the courses also lead students through common financial challenges such as debt consolidation, tax efficiency and future costs.

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There can be an awful lot of distractions in contemporary life (while writing this, about 1,783 notifications have flown across our screens). A mindfulness course can help us recognise harmful patterns, as well as teach us to mitigate some stress and anxiety with techniques for mindful meditation and breathing.

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It’s never too late to get creative, broaden your horizons and discover a new passion. Open yourself up to a sea of possibilities with online courses that can cover everything from cooking and floristry to creative writing and criminology.

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Maybe you've been sitting on your idea for the next great novel for years or maybe you've just always wanted to take a stab at it. Either way, online writing classes can help you get it done. You can choose from courses dedicated to things like plot and structure, or you can do an all-in-one workshop that covers everything. You can even find content dedicated to children’s story writing and help little ones reach new shores of their own imagination.

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Online courses can also offer in-depth music tuition, both for complete beginners and those already familiar with an instrument. Whether you’d like to play the piano, harmonica or guitar, nothing adds a dose of optimism quite like a song. Learn the basics with lessons, charts and ear training exercises, then set out to mimic or even outdo your favourite musician.

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If you’re curious about natural and alternative healing methods, then a crystal healing online course could be a fun, enriching experience. Learn to tell actual crystals from fakes and set up your own crystal kit. There are also tips for harnessing good and blocking bad energy.



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