Applying make-up every morning and even several times throughout the day can get a bit tedious. The removal of it also doesn’t evoke excitement so we sometimes conveniently ‘forget’ to take it off after a night on the tiles, which then results in a blackened pillow from the mascara and eye-liner. There’s a simple solution to this…permanent make up! You also get an extra few minutes in bed every morning so what’s there not to love about permanent make up? Check which Groupon permanent make up vouchers are available and save money on your facial treatment.

Get a permanent make up voucher and spend less

You won’t find discount vouchers like this anywhere else so buy one of the deals and get permanently made up! Ireland isn’t a country known for its great weather, but at least with permanent make up you won’t have to faff around trying to shield your eyes from the rain so your eye make-up doesn’t run. The same goes for swimming…no more panda eyes! Imagine how much money you’ll save by not having to fork out on expensive cosmetics every now and then. Try out the treatment without worrying about the costs with a permanent make up voucher. How about buying one of the vouchers for your friend? The vouchers make great birthday presents. Just make sure terms apply, and that no-one else is planning to buy her make-up or they’ll be wasting their money.

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