To those of us who are more accustomed to meals that involve meat and two veg, the idea of eating sushi – effectively raw fish - might come across a bit foreign. Why, you might ask, don’t they just cook it and serve it with potatoes? And the answer is simple: because it tastes just as good raw, not to mention being packed with goodness, too. So if you’re yet to try this delicious kind of food, then now’s your chance: we’ve got sushi vouchers that will have novices and sushi pros alike drooling.

Smashing Sushi Groupon discounts

From maki and nigiri to sashimi and more, these vouchers give you the opportunity to sample the best that sushi has to offer. Ever since it reached this side of the world, sushi has experienced huge success, and we’d wager that’s because it’s both delicious and nutritious. Sushi has revolutionised the way that we over here look at raw fish, and Groupon has revolutionised the world of money-off vouchers, so we think it’s pretty fitting that you can now get vouchers to enjoy some of this Japanese speciality. You don’t need to go to Japan to get proper sushi – with a voucher like this one, it’s right on your doorstep!

Branch out with your eating out habits for less with these sushi vouchers. Great for a special occasion or just a mid-week treat, grab a voucher to take a step into oriental cuisine.

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