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Churches in Dublin - Did you Know? BY: EDWINA ELIZABETH | 30.7.2015

Dublin is, as you know a very, very historical city. If the old Dublin walls could tell stories and whisper secrets, they'd probably be the most colourful stories and outrageous secrets on earth, but alas they can't talk so we make do with archaeological finds, history books, tour guide wisdom and legend to bring this history alive.

Things to do in Dublin When You’re Tipsy
I’m speaking from a place of bias (and experience) but Dublin is genuinely the best city to be tipsy in. There are plenty of things to do in Dublin but if you’re planning on partaking in a constitutional or two, I’ve compiled a handy little guide to how you should spend your tipsy evening.
The Best Place to Spend a Day Out in Dublin
If you’re wondering where to spend a day out in Dublin, you only have to go a few kilometres away from the city to soak in some fresh sea air. While Dublin has many wonderful seaside towns, few compare to Malahide, which offers an almost Mediterranean atmosphere, particularly on warm, sunny days. Here’s why Malahide should be the destination for your day out in Dublin:
Top 5 Fitness Facilities on the North Side
Fitness and health is for everyone, no question there, but the gym isn’t. There are various reasons as to why gym life may not suit you: perhaps you prefer a more personal approach, maybe the weights area intimidates you or perhaps you work better in a group environment. So if the gym is not for you, here are the top five alternative fitness studios north of the Liffey.
No Phallic Inflatables Allowed! 5 Ideas for an Elegant Hen Party
We've all seen Temple Bar flooded with neon stetsons, phallic zogabongs, gaudy matching t-shirts and inflatable sheep as hen parties, en masse, descend upon it every weekend. Not everyone is down with the drinks and debauchery though, sometimes you'd prefer to have a more sedate affair, a hen party that doesn't require three days recovery, a hen you'd happily invite your granny to and you know what? That's OK.
Ireland’s Decorative History at Collins Barracks Dublin
Ireland has a long and fruitful history which is housed in many buildings around the country. One of the must-see museums in Dublin is the Decorative Arts and History Museum in Dublin located in the former Collins Barrack, just a LUAS ride from Connolly Station. It’s situated in what was formerly regarded as 'Collins Barracks' which housed both the British Army and The Irish Army over three centuries.
Kilmainham Gaol Dublin - A landmark of Irish Independence
Kilmainham Gaol is one of the top tourist attractions in Dublin. Delving into the shocking history of Dublin's bleakest period, this tour is popular for exceptional reason. Just outside Dublin City, this is one of the largest unoccupied jails in Europe and it has become somewhat of a centrepiece for Ireland’s most tragic period during the struggle
Have You Been to the Dead Zoo? Review of the Natural History Museum, Dublin
No Dublin childhood is complete without a trip to the Natural History Museum Dublin at some point. If you're a Dublin adult reading this and you haven’t visited, shame on your school/parents, you must address this yourself in due time.
Getting My Culture Fix at the Hugh Lane Gallery
Next time you’ve a plan to go into town but look outside your window and see the rain pouring out of the heavens, don’t pull the blinds and turn on the telly - get out there! Head to Parnell Square where you'll find one of my favourite galleries in Dublin.
A Bazaar Shopping Experience at George’s St Arcade
George's Street Arcade has ten fashion shops, seven accessories stores and a number of giftware, music, book and jewellery stores and even an art gallery - all of which house wonderfully rare and extraordinary items. Here are my favourite spots to visit:
Explore One of Dublin’s Most Beautiful Parks - St. Anne's
When thinking about things to do in Dublin, the many parks and green areas are often overlooked. They are free, they provide ample playing space for the kids and many of them provide a lot to marvel at, as well as the fact that they can be serene on a summer’s day. St Anne’s Park has more to offer than most Dublin parks. Not only is it beautiful - hauntingly so at times - it houses plenty of free and cheap activities for all ages to enjoy.
5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Dublin Zoo Right Now
Who doesn’t love the Zoo? There is nothing the human race loves more than ogling at animals and Dublin Zoo has certainly got an impressive landscape. Dublin Zoo is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in Dublin City and with good reason. Established in 1831, the Zoo, which stretches across 28 Hectares, is one of the oldest zoos in the world. It is even the birthplace of the famous MGM lion - no other zoo in the world can make that claim. These days, the Zoo is a modern, beautiful zoo with remarkable habitats for the animals. So what are the key attractions in Dublin Zoo?
Best Places to Buy Vinyl in Dublin
For me there's a certain j'est ne se quois about vinyl records. I don't own as many as I'd like to but I'm working on it. I'm not a DJ looking to spin and scratch. I have an antique record player that sits proudly in my sitting room that I should use more and will use more when my vinyl collection gains some stature but for now I'm on the hunt for vinyl to help it do so. You can find some decent vinyl at a number of vintage shops and markets across the city, however there are only a handful of shops that have completely dedicated themselves (or parts of themselves) to this never dying love.
Where to go to Clear Your Mind in Dublin City
Dublin can be all hustle and bustle at times. It can be busy with walkers, runners, shoppers, cyclists and drivers. Horns blowing, Luas bells ringing, music playing and buskers singing. Don't get me wrong, I love this hustle and bustle, it gives Dublin that electric and eclectic feel that many cities around the world lack. It's this hustle and bustle that keeps people not from the city returning again and again. However sometimes it’s nice to break free from the wild chatterings. Sometimes it's important to take time out and go chill somewhere to gather your thoughts or to not think at all. Dublin City is wise to this. It knows its own body. Its heart is always thumping, but it knows that it should take a deep breath too. Here are five of my favourite chill out spots...
An Alternative Night Out in Dublin's Workman's Club
The Workman's club in Dublin is one of the best alternative nightclubs in the city with a tailored indie club night for every night of the week.
Dublin's Top Spots for Getting 'The Shift'
Let’s face it, one of the main reasons we go out in town is to get ‘The Shift’. Here’s the top five places you’re guaranteed to get some action.
Dublin's Most Authentic Comedy Club
With top Irish and international comedians headlining over the last few years, The Laughter Lounge is one of Dublin’s best venues for a night out...
The Music Venue that Launched a Thousand Careers
Every budding music star is vying for their slot on the mainstage at Whelan's, but what is it that makes it so special?
Walking with Dublin's Ghosts and Spirits
The Northside Ghost Walk tour takes you through the oldest parts of the city telling ghostly and ghastly tales even the locals may not have heard...
4 Dublin Pubs for Live Music Lovers
Dublin is known for its pubs. It's also known for it's 'ceol agus craic' and sure why wouldn't it be with the global acknowledgment and love of our traditional Irish music. However, accordions and spoons aside, Dublin is a hot spot for plenty of other genres of live music - particularly rock, indie, folk and dance. We love our pubs and we love our music so when you put them both together you get a love for live music pub venues. Here are my favourites:
A Lovely Bit of Culture in out of the Rain
The National Gallery of Ireland is one of the best free cultural activities in Dublin. Even if you're not an art buff...The National Gallery of Ireland is one of the best free cultural activities in Dublin. Even if you're not an art buff it's worth popping in on a rainy day.
Drinking in the Best View in Dublin
Whether you're a tourist or a resident of the Irish capital , there are plenty of things to do in Dublin and The Guinness Store House is a must see.