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Dublin’s Top Cheeseboards - By French Foodie in Dublin BY: KETTY ELISABETH | 10.12.2015

When cheese is all you want, check out our pick of the top cheeseboards in Dublin to satisfy your next cheesy craving.   Chez Max   The French are known for their love of cheese so it makes sense that one of the most French restaurants in Dublin serves a decent cheeseboard. You have the choice between two spots, one located next to Dublin castle an

BBQ Restaurants Dublin - Our New Obsession!
It looks like Dublin has become obsessed with BBQ food. It went from only one spot, the Aussie BBQ, to almost too many to choose from. We even have a yearly BBQ festival now for the BBQ food obsessed. So where can you find the meatiest ribs, juiciest burgers and most delectable pulled pork? Have a look of at this list of Dublin’s BBQ restaurants, d
Let Them Eat Cake! Best Places for Cake in Dublin
So, you have a sweet tooth and want to know where to go for the best cakes in Dublin? Look no further than this list of the best places to eat fabulous baked goods in Dublin.
The Best Fish and Chips in Dublin
There are many places in Dublin where you can find fish and chips but which ones are worthy of a visit? Here’s my list of Dublin’s best fish and chips in no particular order.
Best French Restaurants in Dublin - By Our Expert!
You don’t have to fly to Paris to find that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ as Dublin is home to some fantastic French restaurants. So if you are wondering where to find the best onion soup, beef bourguignon or plate of snails, here is a selection of the best Gallic food spots in the city.Chez MaxWith two restaurants located in the city centre, on Lower
Best Hangover Cures in Dublin
When you’re feeling a bit delicate but have just about enough energy to get out of the house in search of a hangover cure, have a read of this list of Dublin’s best dishes to help ease your pain.The Savage Roll from Lolly and CooksAn absolute favourite, the savage roll from Lolly and Cooks is super delicious. With three locations across Dublin (Dru
Have you tried the best Indonesian tapas in Dublin yet?
Many Dubliners tend to stay away from the Temple Bar area when it comes to dining out but there is a little gem that has been there since 1994 and is always a winner for me: Chameleon. Located only a few seconds away from Temple Bar square, this restaurant serves contemporary Indonesian cuisine.
Dublin’s Best Indian Restaurants
Dublin might not quite be London in terms of Indian food but we’ve got some very decent options out there. From Indian street food to fine-dining, here is a selection of Dublin’s best Indian restaurants.
Dublin’s Best BYOB Restaurants
When eating out, ordering alcohol can sometimes increase your bill considerably but thankfully there are some good eateries out that apply a ‘Bring your own booze’ policy, what are they? Here is a selection of some great BYO restaurants in Dublin.
The Best Wine Bars in Dublin
We may not drink as much wine as they do on the continent but we still know how to enjoy a glass of vino in a cosy wine bar at the weekend or straight after work. Here is a selection of the finest and cosiest wine emporiums in Dublin.
Dublin’s Top Places for Gluten-free Food
Food intolerances shouldn’t prevent people from enjoying good grub and thankfully in Dublin the number of places offering decent gluten-free food is on the rise. So what are the top spots? Here’s a selection of the best gluten free restaurants Dublin has to offer, just for you.
The Crème de la Crème of Afternoon Teas in Dublin
Afternoon Tea is a British tradition born of the early nineteenth century but one that the Irish have adopted and continue to love as their own. It’s as popular now in Dublin and indeed the rest of this fair isle since its introduction into the drawing rooms of those oh-so-high-society ladies of the manor. Back then Afternoon Tea was served at home, nowadays it is served in hotels and some restaurants. It usually starts with a selection of savory bites, moves on to freshly baked scones, jam and clotted cream and finishes with a selection of sweet pastries. To keep one's palate lubricated, tea is served throughout, although I've often opened with a glass of bubbly and closed with a cup of coffee.
All You Need to Know About The Dublin Christmas Market at St Stephen's Green
The festive season just has to be my favourite time of the year in Dublin. Irish people really know how to embrace the Christmas spirit and make it a magic time. Every year the season seems to start earlier but that’s not a bad complaint when you love Christmas.
Where to Buy Christmas Food in Dublin
Christmas is a time of the year to indulge, it’s a time of year when you have a perfect excuse for eating too much so go on, please yourself. Wondering where to buy Christmas food in Dublin? Here’s a list of places where you can get delicious festive food to indulge during the Christmas season or to serve at your Christmas dinner.
Where to Buy Christmas Gifts for Foodies
So you have a food-obsessed person in your life and you don’t know what to get them for Christmas? Fear not because the following Dublin shops have plenty of Christmas gift ideas for foodies…
Christmas Events in Dublin for Foodies
When it comes to Christmas events, Dublin has so much going on this year, especially for foodies so here’s a roundup of what’s happening…
4 Dublin Restaurants That are Winning at Seafood
When it comes to great seafood restaurants, Dublin is winning. So for a great catch, look no further than these four fish champions...
Dublin's Little Gem - The Pepper Pot Café
Located on the first floor of the beautiful Powerscourt Townhouse Centre on South William Street, The Pepper Pot café is one of Dublin city centre’s best and busiest independent cafes. Quirky tablecloths, mismatched vintage crockery and adorable teapots make it a lovely spot for breakfast, brunch or lunch in Dublin.
Ugly Duckling Dublin - The No. 1 Sandwich Destination
Ugly Duckling Dublin, nested in the Epicurean Food Hall on Liffey Street Lower, is the place I go to when I want a ridiculously tasty sandwich. It’s owned and run by two best friends, Derek Marsden and Darragh Nugent, both of whom know how to put smiles on the faces of their regulars with welcoming customer service and mouthwatering sandwich concoctions.
Best Restaurants in Dublin for a First Date
So you’ve bagged yourself a date but you’ve no idea where to take them. When it comes to first date ideas, you can’t beat getting to know each other over a bite to eat. Where’s the best place to eat on a first date in Dublin? For delicious food and a great atmosphere, here are four great places to impress your date, all without breaking the bank.
When it Comes to Craft Beer Dublin Has it Sussed
When it comes to craft beer Dublin has taken the world by storm with micro-breweries popping up left, right and centre. The craft beer scene is no longer just a fad - it has evolved in to a hobby and is weaving it’s way in to the fabric of our culture.
Where to Find the Best Burger in Dublin
You can get a burger in pretty much every pub or restaurant in this city but where should you go for the best burger in Dublin? I've narrowed the search down to my top three:
Dublin's Cosiest Restaurants
The cold weather is muscling its way in to Dublin but being cold in a restaurant can really kill the mood. So where can you can find good food and a cosy atmosphere? Here’s a list of some of Dublin’s cosiest spots for a meal out.
From Hipster Joints to Authentic Italians - Here's Where You'll Find the Best Pizza in Dublin
From hipster joints to authentic Italians, here's where you'll find the best pizza in Dublin. Buon Appetito!
My Salivating Search for the Best Sandwich in Dublin
In an effort to hunt down the best sandwich in Dublin I ended up with a list of my top five so here they are (be prepared to salivate!):
Where to Find the Best Steak in Dublin
Irish beef is known worldwide for its outstanding quality but where can you eat the best steaks in Dublin? Here is a list of the most delicious steaks you can find.
Top 5 Places to Drink Cocktails in Dublin
The Dublin cocktail scene has been booming recently with a number of cool bars serving excellent drinks made by some very talented mixologists. Sipping a cocktail is definitely a treat, many places have them on the menu but which are worth a visit? Here’s my selection of bars where you’ll find the best cocktails in Dublin.
Interview with Clémentine Agron: Shop Manager at Cocoa Atelier
Cocoa Atelier is the most stylish chocolate shop you’ll find in Dublin, selling handmade chocolates, gorgeous French macarons and plenty of other beautiful sweet treats. I met with French lady, Clémentine Agron who is shop manager of this chocolate heaven located in Dublin’s creative quarter.
4 Italian Restaurants Dublin Can Be Proud of
Pasta, pizza, tiramisu… What’s not to love about Italian food? Dublin is full of Italian eateries but some of them really stand out. Here are four authentic Italian restaurants Dublin can be proud of - perfect for your next Italian feast.
Finger Lickin' Fish and Chips in Dublin
Every sole... I mean soul who enjoys a fish supper, chipper style, whether it's once a month or 'religiously' every Friday evening after a pint down their local will tell you where to get the best Fish and Chips or as some call it a 'One and One'. Most will agree to disagree when it comes to where to go. Some will say the chipper ’round the corner from their house but there are others who will agree that there are at least three Fish and Chip superstars in Dublin City Centre. Well here are my favourites, in no particular order.
Where to go for a Romantic Meal in Dublin
When love is in the air and all you want is a romantic meal with your other half, you’re spoilt for choice in Dublin. From French food to tapas, exotic dishes to fine dining, here are some suggestions when all you need is love and some tasty fare.
Dublin’s Creative Quarter: A New Foodie Hub
Dublin's creative quarter is an exciting part of the city that stretches from Stephen’s Green Lower to Exchequer Street and from South Great Georges Street to South William Street. It's an area known for art galleries, design shops, cool cafes and great restaurants. Here's the top five restaurants Dublin hosts in this expanding hub.
The Coolest Café on the Northside: Brother Hubbard
A few years ago finding a good eatery on the north side of Dublin city centre wasn’t easy. Fortunately, the situation has changed and now even the southsiders are heading north to satisfy their taste buds.
5 Best Bars in Dublin for Your Birthday Bash
While it’s easy to throw your hands up and say, “it’s my birthday, we’re going where I want”, I know that you really want to make sure all of your friends and family have fun, and nothing to complain about! Here are the five best city bars for your birthday bash that all of your friends will be glad you chose:
Where to Get a Good Honest Feed - The Best Pub Grub in Dublin
Sometimes having a few pints and some comforting pub food is all you need after a busy day at work. Pub grub is often a great alternative if you fancy inexpensive food in a casual atmosphere. So here is a list of some fine Dublin establishments, delivering the best pub grub in the big smoke.
5 Early Birds You Need to Try in Dublin
Eating out doesn’t always have to be expensive . One of the best things about the Dublin food scene is the wide range of early bird menus.
Meet the Chef: Juan Manteca – Head Chef at Wagamama
Juan Manteca is Head Chef at Wagamama, South King Street. He came to Ireland for a bit of travelling and nine years later he’s still here...
Bison Bar and BBQ - Meat Sweats Guaranteed!
In the last year, casual eateries have popped up like mushrooms around Dublin’s city centre. BBQ food has been one of the main trends and Bison Bar and BBQ opened on Wellington quay to the greatest pleasure of Dublin’s hungry meat eaters.
Healthy Eating in Dublin: Interview with Rina Whyte, Nutritional Therapist
Rina Whyte is a nutritional therapist who loves food, healthy eating and eating out. I asked her about her top picks for healthy restaurants in Dublin.
Oolong Flower Power - Ireland's Biggest Tea Emporium
If, like me, you aren't the most insightful tea taster, you needn't worry your thirsty self. The biggest tea emporium in Ireland will guide you...
4 Dublin Farmers' Markets you Should Visit
Dublin has many different farmers market going on in the city and here is a list of the ones you should definitely visit.
5 Great Spots for Brunch in Dublin
When you’re getting up late at the weekend, brunch is the perfect meal. Here is my pick of five great spots for brunch in Dublin.
Best Cafes in Dublin for a Coffee and a Smoke
Want to know the best cafes in Dublin to sip on a morning cappuccino with cigarette in hand? Here are the top five cafes in Dublin city centre for smokers.