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The Do’s and Don'ts of Skin Care BY: EDWINA ELIZABETH | 3.12.2015

The Do’s and Don'ts of Skin Care Keyword: Skin Care For those of us that wear makeup - We've all had that moment when you've returned from a night out and plonked yourself into bed without taking off your war paint. Waking early morning with the taste of that kebab still lingering, black mascara stained pillowcase and a face 'The Joker' would be pr

How to Create the Natural Look: Flawless Makeup in 10 Steps
Creating a natural look is not as difficult as you’d think. Here are some makeup tips and tricks to help you apply natural-looking, flawless makeup in 10 easy steps.
Top 5 Products from Fuschia Makeup
If you are a makeup lover than you’re probably familiar with Fuschia Makeup Dublin. Their store in The Pavillions Shopping Centre in Swords is a bright, welcoming makeup mecca, filled with everything a makeup addict dreams of! Ok, I think I've made it quite obvious that I'm a fan. I have been exploring this Irish brand’s products for a while now and here are my top five products from their range:
Introducing Edwina Elizabeth
Edwina Elizabeth is the founder of Irish blog The Life of Stuff, a personal, lifestyle and pop culture blog featuring recommendations, reviews, news and interviews. Her blog covers a range of topics from music, culture, travel, fashion, style and food. Originally from Athy, Co. Kildare, Edwina lived and studied in Belfast, lived and worked in South Korea and took a non-working world trip of a lifetime to the four corners of the world. However, it was her experience of living and working in Dublin for over 10 years that ignited her passion for writing and sharing all that Dublin and Ireland has to offer. Lets Get Personal with Edwina Elizabeth …
The Words of a Dublin Fashion Designer - Zoe Carol
Zoe Carol is a science graduate, a Galwegian, a New Yorker, a Hong Konger, a Dubliner and a damn fine fashion designer. Her designs first caught my attention in Atelier 27, a small but gorgeous boutique that celebrates and sells Irish and Irish-based designers’ clothing, accessories and jewellery. Having graduated as a fashion designer many moons ago myself, I tend to find beauty in well-structured designs that have a story behind their birth. There’s always a story behind a designer’s birth into fashion too and Zoe's caught my attention. But why should I tell Zoe's story when she can tell you herself…
Tropical Popical - Not Your Average Nail Bar
Tropical Popical is officially my favourite place to go get my nails 'did'. It can be found on the ground floor of one of the big Georgian buildings on South William Street, number 28 to be precise and they deserve to be part of what we now call in Dublin 'The Creative Quarter'. The neon Tropical Popical sign that hangs in this fine establishment's window guides the way to fabulousness and fun. When I think about the place, I think Cyndi Lauper 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun.' Bright colours, kitschy curios, pink flamingos, palm trees, glitter balls and pumping music. However this nail bar isn't just for gals who like to have their finger and toe nails perfectly pampered, it's a hit with guys too.
Where to Buy Sexy Stuff in Dublin?
Dublin gets its leg over when it comes to sexy stuff. Whether you're a novice to garters or experienced with nipple clamps, whether you like to keep it classy in designer leather or have a thing for cheap latex, whether it's an elegant lace bodice or full body stocking, your boudoir awaits you when it's shopping time.
Hair Tutorial: Beach Waves in 5 Easy Steps
Having long hair can get a tad boring. It's all too easy to bung it up in a ponytail but I have found a style that requires minimal energy to create. The best part is that it also requires minimal maintenance.
The Best Lunch-Break Face Fixers
Let's face it, these days it can be difficult to get a quiet minute to yourself. Making plans to treat yourself go on the back-burner when you are trying to balance a hectic work/home balance. If committing to a day at the spa is unrealistic for your calendar and your wallet, there are plenty of superb lunchtime treatments and facials available in Dublin city. Here are  my three of my favourites...
5 Must-Haves: Beauty Products For Your Hand Luggage
When you’re packing for a fortnight’s break away it can be as easy to go overboard with products as it is with ‘just in case’ clothes. When you’re packing for a weekend jaunt with only a carry on to squeeze your possessions into, it’s even more important to be savvy with your product selection and pack smart. Luckily the beauty world has cottoned onto our need for dual purpose products. With that in mind, I’ve selected some gems when it comes to flying below the airport security’s radar.
5 Must-Haves: Summer Make-up
When it comes to sunshine and summer makeup, the key is to always start with your skin. That means staying hydrated as the weather heats up and keeping skin slathered in SPF to prevent, not only sunburn, but premature aging when the sun doesn’t even make an appearance.
5 Must Haves: Get Your Face Festival Ready
Make up is made to be fun at the best of times - we’re painting our faces for crying out loud. Never more so though when the one week of clement weather that is Irish summer rolls around and almost every weekend sees a festival take over our timelines. Should you have shrugged off the Fear Of Missing Out and actually bought yourself some festival tickets, it’s very easy these days to get ‘party in a field’ ready without looking like you’ve been let loose with Crayola.
Summer Playsuits – My Top 5 Picks
When it comes to summer and sunshiney days, sartorial simplicity is always best. You know, because if you don’t get out into the 30 minutes of Irish sunshine at speed you might just miss it. With this in mind, playsuits are the rig out du jour and I’ve plucked my top five from the virtual rails for your perusal. Ready?
3 Places to Get Decent Make-up Lessons in Dublin
Buying yourself new make-up is whole lot of fun but what happens when you take those goodies home and haven't a clue how to use them?
DIY French Manicure - In 8 Easy Steps
We ladies love a nail trend. We've tried everything from stencilling to stamping. But as a gentleman recently pointed out to me, there is a lot to be said for the simplicity of a French manicure, or 'lady-paws’ as he calls them. So here are eight easy steps for creating your own French Polish at home.
How to Choose a Handbag to Compliment your Body
Choosing the right handbag can make you appear slimmer and taller. Learn how to find the perfect one for your body type.
How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans
We all know how momentous a challenge it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. Here are a few tips to help you when shopping for the perfect pair.
Must-See Vintage Markets on the Northside
When it comes to vintage and craft shopping in Dublin, markets are the way to go. Here are my favourite two vintage and craft markets on the north side.
A Shopping Guide to the Powerscourt Shopping Centre
It's easy to love shopping in Dublin and everything that comes with it - browsing, buying, stopping for coffee, mingling with bargain hunters, meeting with friends and dining on good food to refuel so you have the energy to cart your purchases home. One place that always keeps me coming back for more, rain, hail or shine is the Powerscourt Shopping Centre in Dublin 2, because, as they say so themselves, it is a 'Centre like no other.'
Nailed It - Dublin's Top 5 Nail Salons
There's nowt quite like a fresh manicure to see you right so I've hit the streets of Dublin to determine the five top nail salons the capital has to offer.