Did you know that 'sauna' is pretty much the only word from Finnish to have made it into English? Living up in the cold, dark snow, the Finns perfected the art of hot, steamy rooms. If you've always wanted to try the sauna experience, Groupon has teamed up with a Galway sauna venue to offer great discount vouchers on an authentic sauna in Galway! One of our best wellness offers, the sauna will leave you feeling completely refreshed and revived, not to mention cleansed. Plus, with these top notch vouchers, you can sit and relax safe in the knowledge that this sauna in Galway is yours at a bargain price!

Great vouchers for an authentic sauna in Galway!

The sauna is a real experience that you simply have to try at least once. Many cultures, such as the Finnish and the Russians, know the value of a good sauna, and we at Groupon are determined to bring it to everyone. That's why we're working with a Galway sauna salon to offer you great discounts with our famous vouchers. The sauna in Galway is a great way to have a fun experience while looking after your wellness. If you've always wanted to try it out, use these vouchers for a bargain experience in a real sauna in Galway!

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