Sushi is a delicious Japanese food made of rice balls, vinegar and seafood. Experience the magical spice and taste of sushi in Galway. Buy these restaurant vouchers and get access to a traditional Japanese hotel in the centre of Galway. Savour a wide variety of delicious dishes including smoked salmon sushi, octopus sushi, jumbo scallop sushi, smelt egg sushi, flying fish egg sushi, sea urchin sushi, seared tuna sushi, fresh water eel sushi, squid sushi, mackerel sushi and fatty yellowtail sushi. Just try sushi once and you will definitely be hooked to it. Groupon always gives you the best sushi food vouchers at attractive rates. Grab these Galway sushi vouchers and relish the divine taste of Japanese cuisine.

Cheap sushi in Galway

If you like seafood, meat and rice then you will definitely fall in love with sushi. Eat the best sushi in Galway and spend quality time with your family. Buy these Groupon vouchers and get access to a luxurious sushi hotel in Galway. Enjoy the exquisite flavours and innovative Japanese dishes in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy a wide range of authentic and traditional dishes including sushi entrees, appetizers, noodles, beverages and desserts. Save up to 70% on these restaurant vouchers and have an awesome time with your wife and kids. These vouchers are perfect for a weekend getaway, parties and important occasions. Enjoy the mystical taste of sushi in Galway and have a good time.

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