Forget the cigars, and go for Cuban food in Cork instead! Groupon has created these tasty new vouchers, enabling you to visit your local restaurant in Cork to sample Cuban food. Whether you prefer the piquancy of an arroz con pollo, or prefer a satisfyingly solid Cuban sandwich, there is sure to be something to tickle your taste buds! Use these vouchers to take your family out on a night to remember! If you are not able to travel to the Caribbean, let the food come to you with these vouchers. Cuban wine goes well with these dishes as well!

Appetising Cuban Food for Cork Connoisseurs

Surprise your palate with this marvellous offer for Cuban food at your Cork restaurant. If you need any enticement, these vouchers from Groupon should do the trick! Eating Cuban food in Cork might seem an unusual treat, but you can be sure that the occasion will be remembered for a very long time. Check the details on the vouchers to see what incredible offers await you, and be prepared to experience the exciting new flavours and aromas of Cuban food. Cork residents will be rushing to grab these terrific vouchers, so make sure you take some first. Reserve your table, and enjoy a fantastic Cuban night of exotic fun and entertainment!

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