Are you fed up with the daily grind and wish to break out of the dreary treadmill of your daily routine? Are you looking for a fancy night out where you and your partner can dress up and experience a cultural event in style? Look no further, for we have an unbeatable offer for you. Groupon has opera vouchers for Dublin that give you up to 70% discount on opera tickets. Now is the chance to buy the coupons without draining your finances. If you have always been interested in the opera and are a regular visitor, buy several of the vouchers while stocks last. If you are new to this magnificent drama show and wish to find out whether it is to your liking without overspending, you can now watch it without regret. Experience the magic of the classic play with opera vouchers in Dublin With the opera vouchers in Dublin, you can experience this rich cultural tradition, which is part of the classical music tradition nowadays. The opera originated from Italy and spread quickly to the rest of Europe at the start of the 17th century. During the 18th century, however, the European opera scene was characterised by the Italian opera. The most renowned figure associated with the opera today is, without a doubt, Mozart. He created the famous Italian comic operas, such as “The marriage of Figaro”. His oeuvre “The Magic Flute” became a landmark in the German opera history. If you wish to immerse yourself in one of the fascinating operas and watch the theatrical show with music and singing actors, purchase our opera vouchers for Dublin.  

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