Mini golf is like the normal sport version of golf, just with added crazy. I mean, seriously, who wants to play normal golf? It sounds like a chore, carrying an arsenal of 50 clubs, walking around in the sun/rain for hours, hearing ‘Fore!’ over and over causing you to duck and be paranoid of other people’s balls trajectory in your face. But how do you add the fun in mini golf? Well first you miniaturise the course so you feel like a man in a Godzilla suit stomping over some cardboard buildings* then do some more crazy with the addition of some zany obstacles like a random Dutch windmill, a dash of giant mushrooms, with a sprinkle of carefully placed scalene triangles just to ruin your perfect shot. Speaking of shots, why make decisions of which club to use? You only have one - the putter - a highly specialised tool to get the job done.

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Mini golf is the true leisurely sport experience, and with our mini golf vouchers, at a low discounted mini price - a decision that is child’s play! So do your inner child a favour, grab a mini golf voucher or two today and get involved the crazy world of mini golf, it’s just CRRRRAAAZZZZY! You don’t need to spend a lot on a fun day out…just grab a voucher! Our vouchers help you save money on family fun, or just a silly day out with friends. So get a voucher and save! Just remember what our mentor Chubbs said: ‘it’s all in the hips’. *Disclaimer: Please do not stomp on the miniature buildings.

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