This old and respectable sport has its roots deep in the monasteries of 13th century France. Trying to ease the boredom of the monastery life, The French monks used the prayer halls to throw makeshift balls from one side of the room to the other. They developed the game rules as they went along. In the beginning this was done without the use of rackets. The balls were hit using the palm of the hand. The rackets were a later invention. The name of the game comes from the old French “Tenez!” which mean ‘hold’ or ‘receive’.

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The scoring method in tennis probably has its roots in the old betting term of the early French, since the coins that were mostly used at that time had the value of 15 30 40 and 60 sue. This game of tennis spread itself throughout Europe in the 16th century on. It continuous to be a very popular sport and with our tennis vouchers you can play it more often and for discount prices. Use our tennis voucher to arrange a great day in the open air. It’s sure to be a wonderful day of sports and competition. It’s also possible to purchase tennis lesson vouchers, in order to improve your abilities and play like they do in the big leagues. Using our tennis vouchers you can save up to 70% of the market price for these great tennis related deals. Our tennis vouchers will allow you to enjoy this great sport. So get a voucher for yourself and a friend and off you go.

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